In my time at Deeplocal, I participated in a number of projects. Here’s a short summary of a few of them:


Handbot is a robotic hand that plays Rock-Paper-Scissors with you!

The hand will articulate into each of the three hand positions, and a camera in the base sees your hand and determines the winner. My role in this was almost all of the mechanical design which includes mechanical control of seven degrees of freedom. Part of the brief was also ensuring that the price point for materials was accessible, and that anyone could make the project at a local makerspace.

I traveled all over the world demoing this robot, including India, China, Japan, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and many other destinations.


Rosie is a five foot tall Android robot dressed as Rosie the Riveter. For this build, I made a custom controller for driving her around, including some safety functions and buttons for activating her features. I also handled some electronics inside, including a capacitive touch feature, powering and controlling eye lighting, camera integration, and general power management.

Working on Rosie’s base before an upcoming event

Discussing traversing the event space with the lovely Stowe

Lyft Glow Mode

This one was a doozy! The project was to take a limousine from the ’80s and convert it into a funky Lyft car. The interior also needed to feature a retro computer that would take photos of passengers and send a GIF of the photos to the phone of a passenger.

One of the GIFs generated by the console

From the time we could start working to the time we had to be finished was nine days! I ended up staying awake for 80 hours straight in order to complete this project.

The finished limo all lit up the night before the shoot

I did all of the mechanical and electrical design for the car’s console, along with installing and fabricating a large majority inside the limo. I also did some software work making sure the display looked how it should.

I was on site for the video shoot in LA with the cast of Glow helping control the limo’s features and ensure everything was working properly.

Google Cloud Space

I had a hand in a number of different installations in this space. The first was my role in the installation titled Chain Reaction in which a ball is carried along a 40 foot long track with multiple screens and interactions.

I designed and fabricated the circuit boards that controlled all the motors and sensors for this installation, along with all the power delivery and distribution.

Google Home Mini Golf

This installation was an entire mini golf course that required interaction with a Google Home to complete. I designed and fabricated a few different types of sensors for golf ball detection, along with hacking multiple off the shelf products and integrating them with our show control system (security cameras, smart outlets, etc).

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair wanted a number of challenges that teachers could provide to their students to get them thinking critically about what they might do for the Google Science Fair. I came up with five challenges, came up with a materials list for accomplishing each challenge, and wrote instructions that could be provided to the students. The final challenge packet can be found here.

Among Many Others

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, the vast majority of the projects I worked on at Deeplocal I am unable to share due to NDAs.