Wolverine Claws

During my freshman year of college, my friend Nick expressed an interest in being Wolverine for Halloween. His thick wiry hair and ability to grow impressive sideburns made Wolverine an ideal choice for a costume.  I decided I would help him out and build him a pair of custom Wolverine claws!

First off, I went out to my local hardware store and bought a ton of cheap welding steel.  I brought a template I cut out of card stock that fit my design, and made sure the profile fit easily on the stock I purchased.

I ended up purchasing a ~2.5 inch wide, 1/8 inch thick flat plate of steel for the blades, and a few feet of square steel tubing for the grip, and to connect the blades together.

When I got the steel home, the first step was tracing out my template six times on the flat plate.  Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t own a band saw, or any other tool that would make cutting these templates out easy.  I was forced to use my angle grinder to cut them out, which took an incredibly long time, and was finicky to accomplish.

Before long, I had six “blade” cutouts.  These burr-covered wrecks still needed a fair amount of work before they were ready to be welded together.  Thus began the tedious process of grinding down every blade, sharpening each edge, and making them all as uniform as possible.

Finally, six beautifully sharpened, polished adamantium blades.  From here, all that was left to do was cut two pieces of the square tubing approximately the width of my palm, and welding the blades to them.  After a final polish and application of lacquer to prevent rusting, they were ready to go!



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